Saturday, January 28, 2006

book fair

i'm having a cold war with started for a silly reason,but the reason doesn't matter.anyway, today she gave all of us her birthday treat with another friend. i decided not to go there but finally went,after getting 2 calls(one of which was frm her)

we all went to book fair after the treat. i was roaming around alone. at the evening, i met a common friend(a very good one).she said,"have u seen him?"
i said,"whom?"
she:"her boyfriend, they are there"
me: "no i haven't, neither i'm interested in seehing her boyfriend" .
but before 2 minutes elapsed, i started roaming around aimlessly. my subconcious mind was telling me the reason but i was denying it.

subconcious:"so u are looking for her boyfriend?didn't u just say that u dnt wanna see him?"

concious:"no, not at all!i'm just walking."

subconcious:"oh yeah??????"

concious:"ok !!i admit. i just want to see the person who defeat me just by walking into her life a bit earlier!!but i'm not interested in her's over"

subconcious:"hmm..we'll see"

so i looked for them, but all in vain.finally realizing what an utterly worthless person i'm, i joined the cue for the bookstall selling erotica.

I'm utterly worthless!!!:(

Sunday, January 15, 2006

1st and 2nd week of 2006

what to write about the 1st week?it was totally overwhelmed by the college'd be a nice experience to share, but i'm giving it a miss. and 2nd week was not special from any side. anyway, i think i would better write about an incident in a funny manner than just putting it as it comes. but i've to work on to write the 1st one yet. so wait....