Sunday, March 19, 2006

sterile mind

it seems that i'm undergoing through a sterile brain period.. can't think about any decent topic to write a post on....

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Alienated in My Own Land

Botany Dept, Presidency College, my 2nd home. but now I feel totally like an alien here.. It's really hard to be friend with my classmates as all of them are non-presidencian. tho there are 2 who are just like the presidencians. well, i'm not a snob. neither i'm saying that my classmates are bad. they are pretty good on their own.but, the majic is not here anymore. I mean ....well, see;that they they were calling each other by the names of characters from"kyunki saas kabhi bahu thi" . and today when i use my habds to get lunch frm somone's box, two of them behave as if I'm contaminating the lunch. no wonder, my appeite was gone.

and after spending 2 days with my old friends, it's unbearable!!!thank God!!I've 2 of my presidencian seniors, who are doing their research in our dept. and the fun is that, i can act without any inhibitation when i'm with them, though they are my 5 year's senior. but I cant behave like this when i'm with my classmates.............

pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!