Friday, February 08, 2008


I thought it was all over. I'm out of it. and now we are just friends. yes, i accept that whenever I go through our chats at that time, I felt something in my throat and somethingh just goes into my eye. so i have to rub my eyes off and ...

I thought that's it. Nothing more.
But, I was wrong. One evening while talking to a common friend, I realized that I won't get out of it so easily. I admit that now there are only remnants of that love which once overflowed my heart. But even that is so strong that i couldn't help it.

and I told her again. it was different this time. no greetings card, no heart shaped chocolate. I just told her what i feel for her.what i still feel for her.
"I know that u feel nothing for me. and i know u are just out from a serious relation. I know it's very mean to say this at this moment. but U know i'm not a hypocrite. and I can't help it or lie about it.
yes, i don't know what will happen in future. but right now I do feel strongly about u. it's ok. u needn't decide anything right now. let's build our careers. and see what happens after 3 or 4 years. and u know what's most interesting??
I know 99% chanc eis that nothing will happen. we have tried it once. but yet I believe that i have 1% chance and this will become cent per cent one day"

and the next day i board a train for delhi. after delhi, now i'm in hyderabad. will be back in kolkata on 11th feb.

nothing is going on between us. but whenever i'm listening to a song from "jab we met" I'm thinking of her.

let's see.

dreams may live or die. dreaming will continue.
but whatever happens, I welcome it. and thanks, for giving thsi blog a new life.