Thursday, February 23, 2006

Surrounded By Books

the day before yesterday I got a rare chance to enter the science library of our college. I mean we can enter the library anytime, but at that time, I went to the big room filled with books!!!!!!!!and man!!!!!!what a wonderful place it was! i went there with one of my senior to locate a book she needed, but even after looking for 10 to 15 minutes we couldn't find the book. but i found something more. the stacks of books, some from 1900s some even older..silence broken by only our voice and the sound of the was not less than a adventure. and i tried to see some books by dusting the filth of the decades......
but finally we came out. and the in charge was able to get the book once we got the call no of it from another copy which was with our proff.

anyway, it was an adventure to remember......and as a memento, I've got flu!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: yesterday i was sneezing like hell in the class and by the time our lab has started, my left eye was blood red. sir asked me to take a tab as soon as i see a medicine shop. and the next moment I saw a hand giving me two tabs, it was her. i took one and returned the other tab. and it did help a lot. should i thank her and replace her tab?????what do u say?????

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Finally I joined the grasshopper's club. had it for the first time at my friend's place just a few days ago. and I liked it. though I took only a few puffs, it gave me a good kick. i simply loved the tip-tip sensation in my head. and I think it's better than fagging. so....I'm a grasshopper

Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's Over

Finally the crush's over. and we are still not talking. actually we are talking, but it's one sentence a week.the friendship has died. but i'm not sad. i know we were good friends. and it died of a silly reason. but if the friendship died of such a silly reason, it has a weak base. so it's better not to restart once again.

so, the chamber of my heart is empty once again. and I don't find any applicant as long as my eyes can see.[sigh!!]
again single in this valentine's day!!!!!!!but i'm not sad.

'it feels great to be in love, but it's greater to be out of love. you are a free bird again":- dwaipayan de great!!!