Friday, May 05, 2006

The Walk Never Taken!!

people are constantly asking me to forget her and move on.. well' to be honest, i have , though partly. now I can locate a thousand(no no, not that much), hundred--no i think 10 flaws in her and which are really annoying. But at times I just can't help but fall helplessly at her charm..
weeks ago, I went to college and keep my belongings at the pg lab upstairs. from there I came to the entrance of ur dept to fill my bottle with cool drinking water. and I was walking towards the aquaguard through the around 100 mitres long corridor....
and, she appeared at the othere side of the corridor. she was getting in the depertment. I knew we'll cross each other and she will enter the lecture theatre by the corridor. but to make the walk a bit longer , i started to took small and slow steps.

I was walking towards her, she 'apperntly' towards me.... and unknowingly I wished the path to become to windmills, so that we can walk ceaselessly facing each other. I wished for the walk to be never ending....
we came close to each other, she enter the deptertment and I went to fill my bottle...

later that day, me. she and a common friend(her best friend, I suppose) went to do some photocopy. we felt like having coconut water. so we three went to have it, when we were leaving the shop...a song was playing in the radio..

" ho baas agar tum humare sanam
hum to sitaroon me rakh de kadam
sara jahan bhul jaye
baas nagme tere pyaar ke gatee hi jaye"
(darling,if only u be mine,
i'll be on the cloud nine
the world will stop exsisting
i'll keep singing a ballad in ur love)

naturally. my mood had a uplift. we went and had the coconut waters. she suddenly said, to her friend that she is paying..I was even more delighted. she finished and went back to the shop. we finished and were going to get away, the vendor said,"she has paid only for 2"
I paid for mine.
not only for my coconut, but for my mistake, too.