Friday, July 21, 2006

The Worst Attempt to Compose Something

lying in the warmth of bed
gazing at the blue sky faded by patches of cloud
the window net moved by the welcoming breeze
whispering the secret of making up my day.

listening to the songs
I heard as a child
the same place, the same song but, feelings have changed...
wander aimlessly through the memory lanes
remembering those days...
when dopes were not required to fight depression
when the biggest tension was about finishing the eassy
when heart used to mourn over not being able to fly the kite at the afternoon...

But now
I've grown up
with stubbles on my check
hairs on my chest
cash in my wallet
shattered dreams in my heart

Now I've learnt
you shouldn't say everything u feel like saying
nor do you do everything you want to

I've grown up
Now I can cry without having tears.