Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's Over

Finally the crush's over. and we are still not talking. actually we are talking, but it's one sentence a week.the friendship has died. but i'm not sad. i know we were good friends. and it died of a silly reason. but if the friendship died of such a silly reason, it has a weak base. so it's better not to restart once again.

so, the chamber of my heart is empty once again. and I don't find any applicant as long as my eyes can see.[sigh!!]
again single in this valentine's day!!!!!!!but i'm not sad.

'it feels great to be in love, but it's greater to be out of love. you are a free bird again":- dwaipayan de great!!!


Emerald. said...

Okay. Here’s what I think of this blog.

I have this ehm… friend.

Hmmm… Would I call her a friend.

These days I totally envy her, as she’s seeing someone great.

I think she’s just too stubborn to admit these things.

Well, anyway.

I know there’s this other person.

And I know this person means a lot to her as well.

How she finds always manages to find these great guys, I wonder.

But I also know that she’s trying to achieve closure with that other person.

She finds it quite hard to break bonds, because of her past, though.

But I know she would do it for her crush, if it was necessary.

Cause she wouldn’t want him to worry about something like that.

Cause he matters so much to her.

There I’ve said it.

Emerald. said...

You should know that

when you're hurting

she feels it too.

dwaipayan said...

emerald, thank u very much for ur visiting and commenting in my blog.
but i think our opinion differ.
we were friends, really good friends.....
ur generalised opinion is like telling that tajmahal is ont a house made up of stone. got it??????????

Emerald. said...

Let's see. Didn't mean to upset you there. If that's the case.

1. I guess my comment isn't an opinion at all.

2. Your blog reminded me of a similar situation.

3. My comment is how I feel about it.

So, I thought I'd share it with on this blog.

Then again, I can try to act as confused as you.


Emerald. said...

I might regret saying this

to you

but with a certain attitude,

I can almost imagine your friend

falling for that other guy.

dwaipayan said...

i knew it, emerald. and for ur kinfd information, she didn't fall for the guy after meeting me. they were going together since the last 3 years. and she was pissed of him. but then the guy managed to get her back. and still we had oour friendship like it was before. but then after a joke of mine she started ignoring me saying that i've insulted her. so....

Emerald. said...


Emerald. said...

You should try to get yourself

together a bit more.

Raven said...

Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.

--Washington Irving

Thank You for coming to my site and your kind coments!

San said...

hmm guess this is a good thing .. but from your post it doesnt actually seem you are "out of love"

Emerald. said...

it depends on how D. defines love.

Now there's a confusing question

for you.

Pals said...

ok.... nice one... :D

i appreciate u sharing ur heart felt feelings here...

i hope u enjoy the period of "feeling out of love" :p