Monday, October 23, 2006


It was a mundane night full of irritating noises.. I was slowly getting into depression because it was almost 2 days since I spoke to her. I was giving her missed calls and only missed calls were coming in reply. whenever the phone was ringing, my heart was beating thinking this one is for me..this one is from her. But alas!! she didn't call up.. My depressed soul was thinking about going to bed and the phone rang once. I don't even bothered to pick it up. Mom picked up and after listening to it, passed me the phone.

40 minutes later I came back from my room along with the phone. the phone call has ended. And I noticed that this mundane night is actually Diwali. the sky which earlier looked jet black was now lighted with fireworks. and I realized the 'irritating sound' was actually the fire crackers. The whole world was celebrating my happiness..the whole world was celebrating The Call.



adi said...

u insulted diwali i feel :(
for ur kind information, i love diwali...
and i love her calls too :)

adi said...

ho gayi diwali, ab vapas aa jao :)