Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Adi tagged me to do this. well, it's a cleaver move to made me post something in this lazy blog. there are a few rules of the tag

1. name the person who has tagged me
2. write 8 things about me
3. tag six people.

ok , #1 is already one. so I'm doing the main thing.

it's actually a difficult job to mention 8 things about me, when I'm full of so many bad qualities. anyway. there's no harm in trying. so here it goes:

#1.I've sinusitis and as a result most of the times I've a running nose. and yes it's running now.

#2.I love to write letters, not only as email, but on paper with pen. though most of the letters never reach the one for whom they are written..I still write. and I prefer to write after midnight.

#3.I've an incorrigible childish mind. if I like someone, I irritate them so much by bugging them, that they get pissed at me and stop all contacts.It hurts, but I never learn from my mistakes and thus I keep on loosing all my friends and loved ones.

#4.I love to skip bathing some days...well, it conserves water.

#5.I've a really crappy sense of humour, but I really believe that my sense of humour rocks.

#6. I think I can join advertising and that will really suit me... will it?? only time
can say.

#7. My english sucks. well, though I can say that being taught ABCD at 6th standard is a reason for this, but the main reason is that I never tried enough to learn it properly.

#8. I love writing ... and though so few people visit my blogs and even fewer comment on the posts, they all are really important to me as every single comments boost my confidence a little bit.

well, as very few people visits my blog( I'm sure the no is less than6), so no use of tagging anyone.


adi said...

ur other blog is not uploading bhalo chele ;)
koi beta ka chakkar to nahi!!!

Anonymous said...

why dont you post your letters here... :)

adi said...

well, i did post a long comment which got accidentally(?) deleted by my boss... so, nothing left to say anymore actually ;)
sikkim, eh?
m still jealous *grumble*

adi said...

welcome back from sikkim. may we some pics of ur trip. atleast mail me some. and ur other blog is still not loading. even scrolling to bottomost depths doesn't reveal anything these dyas :(

adi said...

but ur other blog is still not accesible :(

Arti Honrao said...

Only 8 points? Humne to 20 points wala teer maara tha :D